Meditation-Drawing Event


a free workshop at the Michael Kieley Studio in the Culver City Arts District.

Event info: During this 90 minute experience led by Michael Kieley, we will begin with a process called Seeing-drawing. This process does not require any representational drawing skills. It is all about deeply relaxing in order to see an object with clarity. In fact, the only goal of this drawing process is to relax, and to see an object with clarity.

Michael Kieley has used Seeing-drawing, and ink painting in the university level, Visual Thinking, teaching these classes for 16 years. Both techniques are an excellent way to build Creative Confidence.

‣ A relaxing Seeing-Drawing experience, no previous drawing skills necessary.
‣ A visualization / meditation led by Jen Cheng.
‣ Wabi-sabi Ink painting: a liberating, abstract art making process, which epitomizes a creative “Flow state.”

When: March 29, 2015 - 3:30-5:00pm.
Where: Culver City Arts District (Address after confirmation of reservation.)
RSVP: Space is extremely limited. Please update your RSVP if you are unable to come, in order to allow someone else to participate. Two reserved spots for students of Embody Health | Jen Cheng (please email embodyhealth at gmail dot com for your RSVP)

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