Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doctors recommend Vitamin D supplements for better immunity and much more!

While it's the beginning of flu season and people are considering the swine flu vaccine, how about learning natural ways to boost your immune system for all purposes? The issues related to Vitamin D deficiency are now getting more press. Read more from the doctors' research and how the Canadian government has figured out they can save billions from their health care costs by treating Vitamin D deficiency.

How are you protecting you and your family's health? Are you taking a good multivitamin with a good level of Vitamin D?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and everyone should consider how different cancers are affecting loved ones around us and take better care of our health. All women need to think how Vitamin D can help support their bodies' immune system, as a cancer prevention measure, as well as an osteoporosis prevention. One of my dear friends who is an inspiring breast cancer survivor has long known about Vitamin D and it's relation to cancer remission. She takes Vitamin D supplements, even though she is in sunny LA. As we age, our skin doesn't produce Vitamin D like it's supposed to.

Anyone concerned about their health, and all parents, should read this article with recommendations from the Academy of Pediatrics. At least 1 in 5 kids are D-deficient, putting them at risk, especially during this flu season. Kids who are picky or inconsistent eaters will definitely benefit from a multvitamin with bioflavinoids from a range of fruits, AND it has the recommended D supplement level that also tastes great.

How do you know if you're vitamin D deficient and by how much? You don't need to wait for your next doctor's appointment, when you can do an inexpensive home blood test available through the Vitamin D Council. All my East Coast friends, think about how little sunshine you're getting during the dark winter months?

Formulated by a medical and science board, the highest potency Vitamin D supplement can be found here.