Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tips for Keeping Lean!

I had great fun talking about the 4 S's that can help you focus on achieving a healthy leaner you.
Todd asked me to talk about moms who want to lose that baby weight, and the tips I've made easy to remember are good for any busy person, while tailored for moms. I talk about breathwork and posture to help you look instantly taller and leaner.

The 4 S's to help you stay focused on a healthy leaner you:
Stress Management -- How you manage stress can keep the pounds OFF! Stay away from the "flight or fight" mode.
Simplicity -- Create a routine for cooking/packing snacks so you can have what you need, instead of that long to-do list.
Smoothies -- Don't have time for breakfast? Get your nutrition in with a protein vitamin-packed smoothie!
Snacks -- Healthy snacks pre-packed and handy will help you resist temptations and keep you in a better mood.

Here's the link to the recording of the radio show. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Healthier Muffins

Check out these healthier cupcake, meatloaf, and muffin recipes.
When it's appropriate, I try to make it even more healthier by swapping out 1/2 the flour and replacing it with almond meal, which is easily found at Trader Joe's. It makes the recipe more dense and moist, so this method won't work well for every recipe. It works well with banana bread or other recipes that have a dense body to it. Muffins are a great way to have baked goods with portion control! I even like to use mini-muffins because sometimes a full muffin is too big for me as a snack, and mini-muffins bake faster!

Tell me which one is your favorite?