Friday, October 12, 2012

New season, new allergies and sinus infections

As the new season brings new pollen into the air, I've noticed a number of people are having allergies and sinus infections. First, be kind to your respiratory system---before you can think, you must breathe well to get that oxygen to your brain and body. When there are allergies and sinus infections, your body is SUPER stressed, even if you have an antibiotic taken off some of the pressure. We don't want your body to be under chronic physical stress, because that feeds into your emotional stress management abilities. Chronic physical stress diminishes your optimal health, and for some people with weight loss goals, it limits their progress.

Let's find ways to work on the cause, instead of waiting to deal with symptoms.

3 EASY STEPS to improving your RESPIRATORY HEALTH: Clean up your air and your body!
1) Clean your air with a HEPA air purifier. You can find the best deals online (see the link) and even find deals with an app called ShopBuddy to monitor prices. If you are in a dry climate like Los Angeles, you might need a humidifier to keep the membranes of your sinuses healthy to block out the pollutants. If you live in downtown LA where it is the nexus of many cars and highways, you might want to keep your windows closed to protect from the soot.

2) Improve your indoor air quality w great air-cleaning plants. A few weeks ago, I stopped by Mickey's Plants near La Brea/Fountain and Mickey, the owner, was so helpful to find the air-cleaning plants that would do well with my indirect light. I got a peace lily on the right, and I forget the name of the other plant on the left (see photo). And spider plants are terrific! I planted the spider plant at the bottom of my rubber tree to make it prettier and more of an ecosystem. Set up your plants at home, and put at least one at your desk at the office. And if you live in LA, stop by and talk to Mickey to get his great advice for the plants that are best-suited for your environment!

3) Clean your body! Rinse your nasal passages with non-medicated saline rinse--to help lubricate the membranes for better blockage of pollutants and the rinse out the trapped pollutants. Improve your immune system to manage your body's inflammation triggered by pollution or bad air quality. Eat with the anti-inflammatory food pyramid which includes omega-3 fish oils, take care of your optimal health regimen, and take a high-quality superantioxidant that helps manage your histamine levels. High histamine levels, especially prevelant in evenings, causes the runny nose and unpleasant allergy symptoms. Benedryl and other anti-histamine drugs make my nose and throat dry, so I prefer using this preventative wellness regimen. I used to be allergic to the purple Jacaronda trees with sneezing from a block away, and now, I'm fine with no symptoms with a Jacaronda tree outside my kitchen window. Happy breathing!

P.S. Parents should know that children with allergies or asthma have trouble focusing at preschool or school, and the lost time being sick can diminish their educational outcomes. Here is what I recommend for kids: a good multivitamin that can help with mental focus, liquid omega 3, and children's version of the superantioxidant. I've gotten great reviews with parents whose kids have better attendance at school and no longer have swollen puffy eyes and nose. I'm happy to send these testimonials to you, if you contact me with your email address.