Monday, December 30, 2013

Finding Fitness Anywhere

If you're traveling for the holidays, sometimes we get sidetracked from our regular fitness routine. For me, when I travel, I think of it as a chance to explore more parks or meet new hiking groups or take a fitness class--it's an adventure! How do you find where to go?

There are lots of free resources on the internet from the parks systems or if you want to join a group, look at meetup or facebook. If you're in the LA area, join my Heart Health Hiking group on meetup. Whereever you are, you can go to and look for the keywords "hikes" or "hiking" OR look up parks under yelp for reviews from other hikers. Yesterday, I found a terrific hike with a local chapter of the Sierra Club, and it was a wonderful group of friendly people. I want to also celebrate for Rachel from yesterday's hike, who recently had her 62nd birthday and qualified for the lifetime senior membership with the National Parks system!

If you are looking for fitness classes, an internet search for your local dance or pilates or yoga studio is easy when you put in your zip code. In general, it's human nature to prefer something convenient (it improves your chance of actually doing it!) and when it's in your neighborhood, you might even find the opportunity to walk to it and get some more footsteps in! And if it's cold or rainy weather, there is always a shopping mall or museum that is big enough for you to get in some walking towards your daily 10,000 steps. You can find fitness anywhere!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chicken Barley and Pea Soup

Soup is a great way to use up your veggies and get your nutrition all in one bowl! Pre-make the soup so you have something ready-to-eat when you're too busy to cook. Total cooking time was about 30-45 minutes, depending how quickly you chop. Full of vitamins, protein and fiber, and covering the rainbow nutrition with peas, red onions, mushrooms and basil.

Outline of the recipe:
Crimini mushrooms (sliced), chix broth, frozen peas, carrots, sweet potatoes (and parsnops if you like 'em), 10-minute barley (cooks faster!). Put in more of what you like! I like extra mushrooms so I put in more.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Coconut Curry w Chicken and Beans

What to do with chicken leftovers? And for me, I don't really like the drier chicken meat of chicken breasts so I thought, how about coconut milk to give it some sauce? And how about some curry spice to give it some more flavor? And to stretch your meat out, veggies and beans give it more nutrition and extend your food budget.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dippy Fun Veggies

Making dips and spreads is a terrific way to get more veggies into your life and have healthy party food. I went to the West Hollywood Book Fair today and I love their culinary stage because I always learn something new. I hadn't figured out a way to work pepitos into my food life and Aida Mollenkamp shared this recipe -- what a terrific way to get pepitos and squash together!

Other veggie dip ideas: roasted bell peppers with hummus, artichoke w hummus, avocado cucumber cilantro salsa. And if you don't have time to cook, you can buy hummus with some kind of veggie flavoring (Trader Joe's has a hummus with olives) and dip with crunchy veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and sweet peas instead of chips to get a double whammy of delicious, easy, and healthy.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jicama for chipaholics

Jicama is a great substitute for that chip craving! It's a crunchy refreshing white root vegetable that has a great amount of fiber with a slightly sweet taste. If you like cucumbers, you'll really like this veggie that is high in crunch factor. The high water content makes it a refreshing chilled treat on a hot day, also a good substitute for a popsicle craving.

One cup of raw sliced jicama gives you 6 grams of fiber, great in Vitamin C (can't get enough of that!) and it's a great source of inulin to support a happy healthy gut. It's low glycemic and terrific for weight loss and flat belly with its high fiber content. More about it's nutrition profile here.

I find my jicama at the farmer's market. If you're in the LA area, there's a terrific Asian veggie stand (near the salad stand) at the Larchmont market. You can find it at most grocery stores. All you have to do is peel, slice and eat!
I like to eat it just plain, but some people like to pair it up with cucumber and lime to make it a tasty slaw. You can find cool jicama recipes here.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Get started on your weight loss today

Wow, the weight loss challenge from TLS Weight Loss solution has a big jackpot of $100,000 in cash prizes. You've got to register by tonight Thursday Aug 29th! Transform your mind+body in 12 weeks for a leaner healthier you!

You can register to do the weight loss program on your own, but I can help you be more successful if you want a coach. All you have to do assign me as your coach by typing in my email address where it asks if you have a coach (embodyhealth at gmail dot com).

I have 2 spots left for scholarship students where I'm waiving my usual coaching fees. If you want more info, please check out the program from a free recording of the introductory teleseminar or my website to see what my graduates have said about their successes. Whether or not you decide the challenge is for you, the teleseminar is chock-full of information about wellness strategies to improve your stress management, sleep, exercise, low-glycemic nutrition, and helping you be aware of your patterns to get to a healthier you. And feel free to share this FREE teleseminar recording with your friends and family. I want to hear from you even if you don't want to do the weight loss challenge because I want to know your questions to add more material to this blog. And I'm happy to work with anyone who wants to do a version of the program at your own pace because new healthy lifestyle habits stick when we figure out how it best works for you!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Saving the stomach

While I do my best to eat healthy, it's tough to be super clean with my nutrition and there is always room for improvement. So I have to find a way to save the stomach! A number of my friends and I are not good with digesting dairy or wheat products -- and mostly I stay away from it. It's not that I have Celiac's (read more about that here), but I can see my stomach gets bloated and more easily irritated when I eat the offending lactose or gluten. While I mostly cook at home, when going out to parties and restaurants, there is so much processed foods to watch out for. I don't want to ruin the fun by being too much of a picky eater. So when I go to the restaurants, sometimes there is a fried treat or a something with bread I occasionally splurge on. Even sauces are sometimes thickened with wheat. So the safe thing to do is to prevent the damage by taking these digestive enzymes travel packs with me and drinking it with my water before I eat. Tastes like lemonade and it helps with any processed foods. Yes, you can take digestive enzymes after you ate the offending foods, but let's save the stomach from being irritated by taking the digestive enzymes first! Other people are irritated by fructose which digestive enzymes also help break down. Be forewarned that there are hidden sources of bad fructose like in sauces like ketchup which have high fructose corn syrup we should all stay away from.

Probiotics are helpful to give us the "good bacteria" or what I call "good soldiers" to help boost our immune system. When our GI tract is not healthy, we're more prone to getting sick. Easy things to learn about digestive health is found in this article, and if you want to learn more about IBS, there's more here. You can read more about getting a high quality probiotic here, and if you want to save money on digestive health support, here's a great kit that gives you digestive enzymes, probiotics AND aloe juice!

Helping to save your stomach also means managing your stress and getting enough good sleep. Because we have such stress in our lives with this fast-paced world with phones and computer beeping and chirping and lots of interruptions, it really helps to make a daily practice in finding 20-30 minutes of quiet time to focus on breathing, meditation, or restorative yoga. There are surprises and challenges that are beyond our control and some kind of relaxing meditation practice helps. Even if you already know how to meditate, it helps to get new inspiration from different teachers. I'm on Day 9 with a new course and I have felt a little lighter, more able to handle the stresses that come my way (check out this 21-day meditation challenge through the Deepak Chopra meditation center). I hope these tips help you save your stomach and boost your immune system and mood!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Secrets of strawberries

A good friend of mine got me addicted to Harry's Berries when I first moved to LA and I'm a devoted follower ever since. You see, I've been spoiled and can't eat any commercial strawberries anymore, especially not the big genetically modified ones. Conventional strawberries have high pesticide load and please remember to buy organic for this fruit (See the "Dirty Dozen" list from the Environmental Working Group). Other strawberries just don't have the fragrance and texture of home-grown strawberries I remember from my youth, and Harry's Berries is just as good as a home-grown strawberry because they fresh-pick it that morning before it comes to market!

As much as I love the Hollywood Farmer's market on Sunday, it's sometimes too large (I can get easily distracted by all the stands) and too much competition to get to the market early enough before it's sold out. So if you can squeak in a weekday morning farmer's market run, I do better by getting to the Monday West Hollywood market (click on the link to find out where you can get Harry's Berries near you in LA area), and the secret to getting your hands on these strawberries is getting there just after 9am (to get parking and avoid street cleaning between 8am-9am on Fountain) and you need to get there before 11:30am (it's usually when they sell out). Please say hi to Alex who greets you at the stand. If you want recipes, they have a few recipes on their website, but I can't bear to modify these beauteous tasty strawberries. I think they are perfect in their raw beauty.

And if you're in search of more summer fruits, please check out the Nicholas Family Farms stand at Larchmont Market, where you can get plums, grapes, peaches and more. You can ask Penny or one of her daughters what their favorite fruit of the week is so that you can find out what is at the peak of the season. California cherries have a short season, but I found organic cherries at Vons supermarket this past week. The bonus of finding great strawberries and summer fruit is that I don't really need dessert when I have a tasty supply of yummy fruit packed full of antioxidants waiting for me. Do you have some other great finds? Please share! Happy hunting for summer fruits!

Quinoa pizazz

I've been challenged with how to best prepare quinoa in a way that is easy on my palette. As adventurous as I am in trying new foods, the only way for me to keep eating the healthy foods is to find a way that I actually like it! So I've been trying different quinoa salads at different restaurants and cafes, and decided that it's best to go with Mediterranean flavoring, as if you were playing with quinoa the way you would with couscous. So this past weekend, I made quinoa salad 2-ways. I cooked 1-cup of quinoa (measure 1 cup dry) and did 1/3 with a kale salad, and the bulk of it for this cucumber quinoa salad.

Cucumber quinoa salad - Mediterranean style
2/3 cup (measured dry) red quinoa cooked in rice cooker (you might need to cook in 2 cycles, because the auto-cook function doesn't cook it soft enough)
3 persian cucumbers chopped small
1/4 cup pine nuts, lightly toasted
1 handful of fresh mint leaves
1/2 lemon, squeeze the juice
salt, fresh pepper, and olive oil to taste

Serves 2 generously, or serve 4 as a side dish.

A great summer recipe that doesn't require much cooking except pressing the button for the rice cooker. The crunch of the cucumber and the pine nuts are a terrific blend for the nutty taste of the quinoa! Bon appetit!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hurt Hip from a yoga stretch

One of my students said he hurt his hip from a yoga stretch. Why?

Yes, you can stretch in a wrong way that's not conducive for progressing your body.

First he's tall and has not had a long history of regular stretching. He was reaching for his hip stretch, the piriformis figure 4 stretch and his legs are too long for his arms to reach. So he strained his shoulder and was tugging at his legs aggressively. He also has a history of back pain. Often tight hips and thighs are related to tight back. Having multiple parts that are tight make opening a stretch more difficult. FORM IS EVERYTHING. If you don't know how to put yourself in the right form, you're not going to get the right stretch. Believe me, I've hurt myself before in stretches so I can sympathize!

STRETCHING TIP #1: Never cause pain. Stretches should feel like you're pushing your limits but the "ache" should be TOLERABLE not painful. Be gentle---don't jerk or tug at any body part. Especially be mindful of listening to your body messages. If your knee or other joints hurt, perhaps you need to loosen something else before you do that particular stretch.

STRETCHING TIP #2: If you don't know how to do the stretch, especially in a group class, ask the teacher to come help you. You might need modifications. Also tell the teacher if you have a history of some kind of injury or chronic pain so that the teacher can give you the right modification.

STRETCHING TIP #3: Modifications are not wimpy---it's meeting your body where it is at. Always have a towel -- like a hand towel -- available for wiping down your sweat, providing a head rest, or for using it like a yoga belt. You can use the towel like a yoga belt to help you reach when your arms can't reach.

MOST IMPORTANT TIP! Breathe, imagine a balloon of air helping you loosen the area that feels stubborn---don't push on stubborn but use the breath to help you relax. INTERRUPT this pain cycle with breathing: Fear of pain causes you to forget to breathe. Not breathing causes pain. Stretch with curiosity, not fear.

NUTRITIONAL TIP / FUEL TO SUPPORT HEALTHY MUSCLES: Like most of us, you might not be eating enough greens and foods that give you enough magnesium to support healthy limber muscles. Magnesium is an essential mineral needed, and deficiency shows symptoms like tight muscles or headaches. Also, you're probably also deficient in potassium, which Dole Foods did a great job of advertising for bananas but coconut water is much more powerful to help you fuel healthy muscles (including your heart!). While fresh coconuts are always better, I buy my coconut water by the case so I don't run out! If you're not sure you'll like the taste, the ones flavored with pineapple or mango are tasty! Drink a couple servings with a meal every day to ward off tight muscles and muscle cramps. While I try my best to eat foods high in magnesium and potassium, it's easier for me to go with supplements and coconut water so I know I have a decent baseline each day. I don't want muscle cramps to limit my activities or ruin my sleep!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quick meal for busy people

Being busy means we need to be more creative about what can be a quick easy AND healthy meal! Here is my standby, especially in summer when it might be too hot to cook!
Chopped salad w smoked herring
* chopped frisee and butter lettuce
* chopped mint and olive oil and fresh pepper for flavor
* 3 tbl of precooked red wine sauteed mushroom from my fridge
* half a persian cucumber sliced and chopped thin to match the chopped leafy veggies
* two or more fillets of smoked herring
I bought the frisee and butter lettuce at the farmers market for $1 each, and they are yielding 3 separate meals. The can of smoked herring was $2.29. So this salad for a meal costs less than $5!
Smoked herring provides healthy Omega 3 to support your healthy heart, brain, and joints. It's less environmental impact and less exposure to heavy metal than salmon. Don't get me wrong, I love my wild salmon, but if I'm going to eat fish multiple times a week, I choose small fish-- easier to detox on my body and easier on my budget.

PS If you want to get your Omega 3 nutrients regularly like I do (I don't eat fish every day!), I take this high-potency small-fish based supplement (try to avoid cod liver oil or salmon oil--the big fish have had more exposure to ocean pollutants of heavy metal). And if you hate pills, here's the liquid children's version that is just great for adults too and you can put it in a smoothie! If you're vegetarian, I love chia seeds in my smoothies--just know that the dosage and absorption is not as powerful as fish oils.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Staying healthy on vacation

Do you know someone who tend to get sick or feel tired from vacation? Staying healthy on vacation is not the easiest thing. Getting back from a short beach vacation that also had some beautiful waterfalls (see photo), I'm so happy I used my optimal health strategies to help me stay healthy!

First, the plane ride can be stressful with the altitude changes, crammed seating, and the nerves of flying. And if you have time zone changes, that's more stress on trying to manage your sleep! (If you need help with sleep strategies, do a search on my blog for sleep). In addition to my normal optimal health nutrition, I brought my bottle of astaxanthin, one of the newer and super-powerful antioxidants. Have you thought about how much closer you are to the sun when you're flying? That's a greater amount of radiation exposure which can cause cellular damage known as free radical damage (and I feel it as tiredness and lower energy). Astaxanthin really helps me stay closer to optimal energy as I get through flights and time zones, with NO JET LAG! It also has great anti-aging properties and encourages healthy blood flow. Well, my feet tend to swell uncomfortably on flights and I had hardly any swelling on this trip, as I've been regularly taking my astaxanthin almost every day for the past 8 months. I'm pleased to report my skin recovered faster from my mosquito bites than my old self and my traveling companion who had not been taking astaxanthin regularly. Read more about the reasons to take this super antioxidant here.

I was careful to bring a wide-brimmed sun-shading hat and put on my special sunscreen lotion. As Environmental Working Group has done some studies on safe sunscreen products, I prefer a zinc-based sunscreen, rather than the more conventional drugstore versions that have oxobenzone and other petrol products. I like Green Babie's Zinc sunscreen but you can choose any of the zinc-based sunscreens I found in the link. I think anything that's good for babies will be made with a higher safety standard and more gentle on my skin.

Even though I put on my sunscreen, I might have missed the window to leave the beach before noon when the sun is super strong, so I had a slightly pink and itch sunburn spot to my collarbone area. To combat sunburns or simply dry skin, I love my ultimate aloe gel! Not just any aloe gel, this one has emu oil which is usually expensive, squalene, and super-concentrated aloe. Immediate itch relief and the pinkness in my sunburn went away in just one day! (My results are unique to me and my body's responsiveness, but there is plenty of evidence in the science tabs of the links I've included.)

I also brought aloe powder and probiotics to keep away any grumpyness of traveler's tummy and a stronger immune system. No tummy problems at all on this trip! Success!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Never be bored with chicken!

Mary's Free-Range Chicken (never frozen!) is served at many of my favorite foodie restaurants, including French bistro Chic in Mid-City LA. It's extra juicy and my home-cooked chicken wow'd my brother who is a foodie from San Francisco (you know they are tough critics in SF!). You can get it vacuum-packed in a family pak (to save money!) from Whole Foods.  When the chicken is free-range and local, it is just a great tasty base for whatever you decide to do to cook with it.

Here are some flavor profiles that I've found that keep me never bored with chicken---you can bake/roast, steam, or cook in your pan for different texture or cooking-time preferences:
* ginger and lemongrass
* garlic and rosemary
* onions and citrus (lemon or orange)
* shallots and oregano (or any green herbs like thyme or basil or ALL of them in combo!)
* ginger, soy sauce, rice wine, and shitake mushroom

As usual, I'll pair up my chicken with some seasonal veggies and greens. What are your favorite flavors for chicken?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Intro to Weight Loss

I've been getting inquiries to start a new weight loss group, so here is some introductory information:

1) A conference call recording that tells you the components of the nationally-successful program that provides great education, and as your coach, I customize it to help you meet your health goals!

2) An educational video that helps you understand LEPTIN and GREHLIN -- a great example of how much you'll learn about the FACTS of healthy weight loss instead of the wildfire myths of crash diets.

RESULTS guaranteed to lose belly inches in the first month if you follow the program guidelines. Other SIDE BENEFITS: better sleep, better immune system, happier digestive system, learn to breathe better and manage stress, discover healthier foods AND never be hungry! Drop me an email so we can help you find the BEST YOU!

There are weight loss student testimonials on my website if you want to know more.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Don't Let Allergies Get You Down

When I first moved to LA, I had the worst allergies. But even local-born Angelenos fall victim to allergies when the weather changes, when the heat cooks up the pollution, or when the Santa Ana winds pick up.  I used to have a variety of allergy symptoms, from scratchy throat to stuffy nose to watery eyes, and massive sneezing --- worst of all was the low energy! Now, with my anti-allergy optimal health regimen, I'm a happy camper during allergy season and wish my friends who are suffering from allergy pains would give this superantioxidant a try. I hate to see people suffer, when I know breathing could be so much easier! Especially for singers, musicians, teachers--basically anyone who uses their voice for their work, we can't be without our voice due to difficult breathing. And difficulty breathing adds to chronic stress which is no good if you're trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or just have good energy. Allergies also make you more susceptible to getting colds and sinus infections since your immune system is already overworked!

Check out this science blog so you can find out the science behind what vitamins and supplements can help you out for allergy season!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gut and brain health food

Beans have great fiber to support good gut health to detox and beets are great for the brain!

Shown here is a new recipe in development: Red beans with golden yellow beets, artichoke hearts, fresh thyme and mint, carmelized shallots.

If you don't eat enough fiber, email me to receive a fiber worksheet to help you out. And if you don't eat enough veggies or beans due your taste or lifestyle, perhaps you want to check out a fiber supplement to help you get a good baseline. And if you have IBS, you might need to stay away from beets, unless you've been regular with your probiotics and digestive enzymes to reset your gut health.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Can't do dairy?

Some of us can't do dairy (or shouldn't do dairy) and we need to find alternatives. It's possible that you might not be able to digest cow products well, but do ok with goat cheese. Shown here are amazing apples from the Tehachapi mountains of Johna's Orchards with a smidge of lavendar goat cheese, pistachio butter(no dairy at all!), and peach/raspberry goat cheese. The yummy goat cheese comes from Soledad Goats and the pistachio butter comes from Santa Barbara Pistachio Co, where a smidge gives a big wow of flavor.

However, some of us have been stressed by different food allergies (or even extra stressed by the pollen/airborne allergies) that our stomachs need a boost of help. Taking care of your stomach will improve your immune system. This immune booster can come from easy powder-to-liquid digestive enzymes. The best food and supplements can only make an impact for our bodies when it has an effective delivery system and we absorb it in our bodies. When my stomach has already been irritated by fried foods or cow-dairy, it doesn't want any pills and has trouble. The liquid digestive enzymes are the best for quick damage control and bringing my stomach back to happy. Since I'm dairy-sensitive, I keep one of the travel packs with me to put in my water at a restaurant before I do any damage to my stomach--saves me from a lot of stomach grumbles!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Magnesium: super important mineral

February is Heart Health Month and it's time to get smart about your longevity and heart health! Magnesium is one of the super important minerals we should stay on top of. 60% of Americans don't get enough magnesium--and that impacts lots of health factors like your bone health and muscle recovery from hiking or exercise. And of course, your heart is a muscle, so anything that helps support healthy muscles is important for your heart health!

The question is HOW do I get enough magnesium from my diet? Leafy greens are the top of the list: spinach, swiss chard, pumpkin seeds, collard greens, sea vegetables, and the current popular kid-- kale. You can check the full list of food sources on this resource. However, if you're a busy person and don't eat at home for every meal OR you're getting muscle cramps/tightness from exercising, you will want to keep a high quality, highly absorbable magnesium supplement handy, for when you can feel the muscles not recover fast enough for your next tennis match or marathon training session. I love epsom salts baths but sometimes I don't want to wait until I get home for a bath, and honestly, I don't know how much magnesium I'm actually absorbing from the bath. Food sources are preferred as a baseline, but be aware that we're not sure how much of the nutrients are in your batch of veggies. As Dr. Al Sears says: "You can get more magnesium by eating nuts, seeds, dairy products and dark green, leafy vegetables. But modern farming practices have depleted much of the mineral content in our soil, so there’s not much magnesium in vegetables any more."

Here's a tip about kale. Some people think kale is a little bitter, and when I sautee kale with garlic and a little splash of white wine, it helps tenderize and sweeten the leaves. Kale chips have been quite the rage lately, but I find that store-bought ones have a lot of extra flavoring I'm not fond of. Baking your own requires a little trial and error, so be careful not to burn your leaves. I'm pleased to report that I've found a wonderful bacon-flavor without the badness of bacon through using a hickory flavored sea salt I found at the farmer's market. Contrary to popular discussion, a little bit of salt on home-cooking isn't bad for your heart health. It's the restaurant and fast-food overkill of salt usage that is what we should cut out. The more you cook and eat your own food that is less processed, the easier it is to be good to your heart health. And if you can use supplements appropriately to provide a higher level of nutrition, even better!

Monday, February 4, 2013

How to fight colds and flus

So as we're dealing with the stressors of life, not getting enough sleep, and not getting enough good eats, you know you're at risk of the cold and flu. Easy ways to support a healthy immune system is to integrate the healthy stuff into your cooking or teas. For example, get your garlic in your veggie sautees or even as a pesto. Fresh ginger with lemon and raw honey has helped singers and performers keep their throat in good health. 
However you might be drinking good herbal teas and eating great healthy food, it's just not easy to get enough B-complex vitamins in your body for optimizing your immune system. I like to take a holistic approach -- with my herbal teas and foods in addition to a happy biochemistry of vitamins and minerals. 
Especially for vegans and vegetarians, to get a steady amount of B-complex vitamins every day is not easy. Some people stop by healthy food stores or doctors offices to get a B-12 shot to get an energy boost, but I recommend something that is more sustainable and supported by the body on a daily basis. This Activated B-complex has impressed many people, including athletes improving their speed or focus. Athletes use up a lot of energy and need to replenish their energy. Anyone who is working around sick people will definitely want to tank up on this B-complex which has the whole family of B-vitamins instead of just B-12, and better for long-term optimal health goals.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alternatives for chip-a-holics

If you want to curb your chip cravings try these strategies. You're likely to be satifisfied with something crunchy or savory, not necessarily chips.

Crowd out with the good stuff:
Substitute with crunchy veggies (carrots, snap peas, jicama, bell peppers, broccoli) with hummus or homemade guacamole (no added sour cream or chemical additives).
Substitute with wheat-free crackers with dips mentioned above.
Substitute with almonds or walnuts. Or make your own nut-dominant trail mix (be careful of too many dried fruits to avoid too much sugar).

Good ol' portion control if you can't give up your favorite flavor of chips: pack your snacks in a small container. Do not sit with a family pack size of chips.

Switch to "baked" so you can avoid the bad fats of the fried chips. If you like tortilla chips, go with organic corn chips that have added nutrition like sesame seeds. My favorite is sesame blues by Garden of Eatin. And going to the first strategy, if you are eating your chips with dip, you will feel full faster and you can't eat that many chips if it takes more time to dip.

If you want to be even more healthy, have athletic goals or simply build lean muscle, I encourage you to check out Beanfield's chips which are made of beans and rice--a complete protein! The Nacho flavor tastes familiar like a popular bad-for-you brand and the Pico de Gallo is also a tasty flavor too. You can find it on line through the link above (mass quantity saves you some money) or you can find it at your local Whole Foods (in the gluten free section, sometimes in a different aisle than the regular chip section) or at Santa Monica Food Co-op.

If you can eat a portion-controlled low-glycemic healthy meal or snack every 3 hrs, eating by the clock instead of waiting for your hunger pangs (too late to make a good decision when you're hungry!), then you're less likely to have cravings and become a conscious eater to fuel a healthier body!

Learn more about health weight management by downloading our recorded teleseminar here. Two more FREE teleseminars coming this week on Digestive Health and Detox, if you sign up by sending your RSVP to embodyhealth at gmail. You'll also get a bonus nutrition worksheet!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Support for Your New Year's Resolutions

Give yourself the gift of RESULTS for a healthier you!
Many people make new year's resolutions about their health but could really benefit from some educational support to get RESULTS. With popular media and conversation about health, it can be confusing to find a program that you can implement on a daily basis for a healthier lifestyle. Get started with our educational conference calls or a personalized phone consult to design your program!

Please join us for a FREE education teleseminar to get you started on your health goals! And if you can't make these times, please RSVP to our wellness+nutrition coach Jennifer Cheng (embodyhealth at gmail) anyways, so you can get the recording and BONUS rainbow nutrition worksheet. I want to help you find an easy way to keep proactive on your optimal health so you can be successful with all your other new year's resolutions.

*** FREE education teleseminars ***
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