Monday, June 10, 2013

Never be bored with chicken!

Mary's Free-Range Chicken (never frozen!) is served at many of my favorite foodie restaurants, including French bistro Chic in Mid-City LA. It's extra juicy and my home-cooked chicken wow'd my brother who is a foodie from San Francisco (you know they are tough critics in SF!). You can get it vacuum-packed in a family pak (to save money!) from Whole Foods.  When the chicken is free-range and local, it is just a great tasty base for whatever you decide to do to cook with it.

Here are some flavor profiles that I've found that keep me never bored with chicken---you can bake/roast, steam, or cook in your pan for different texture or cooking-time preferences:
* ginger and lemongrass
* garlic and rosemary
* onions and citrus (lemon or orange)
* shallots and oregano (or any green herbs like thyme or basil or ALL of them in combo!)
* ginger, soy sauce, rice wine, and shitake mushroom

As usual, I'll pair up my chicken with some seasonal veggies and greens. What are your favorite flavors for chicken?

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