Thursday, August 19, 2010

Staying Cool with Healthy Nutrient Dense Foods

What's your personality when's it's hot?

When the temperature causes you to sweat while sitting still, some of us have very little motivation to chop your vegetables and turn on the stove to get a good home-cooked meal. So before you forget to eat well, use your blender and you can open a bag of mixed baby greens to start a salad. That's right, you can put together a great protein fruit smoothie (frozen berries blended with protein/fiber powder) to go with a healthy green salad with nuts and other favorite toppings! And you can do all this without chopping if you don't want to (think cherry tomatoes if you don't want to chop).

If you're at a loss for recipes, check out the latest from Eating Well magazine for yummy food that is good for your skin! What's your favorite summer recipe?