Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quick meal for busy people

Being busy means we need to be more creative about what can be a quick easy AND healthy meal! Here is my standby, especially in summer when it might be too hot to cook!
Chopped salad w smoked herring
* chopped frisee and butter lettuce
* chopped mint and olive oil and fresh pepper for flavor
* 3 tbl of precooked red wine sauteed mushroom from my fridge
* half a persian cucumber sliced and chopped thin to match the chopped leafy veggies
* two or more fillets of smoked herring
I bought the frisee and butter lettuce at the farmers market for $1 each, and they are yielding 3 separate meals. The can of smoked herring was $2.29. So this salad for a meal costs less than $5!
Smoked herring provides healthy Omega 3 to support your healthy heart, brain, and joints. It's less environmental impact and less exposure to heavy metal than salmon. Don't get me wrong, I love my wild salmon, but if I'm going to eat fish multiple times a week, I choose small fish-- easier to detox on my body and easier on my budget.

PS If you want to get your Omega 3 nutrients regularly like I do (I don't eat fish every day!), I take this high-potency small-fish based supplement (try to avoid cod liver oil or salmon oil--the big fish have had more exposure to ocean pollutants of heavy metal). And if you hate pills, here's the liquid children's version that is just great for adults too and you can put it in a smoothie! If you're vegetarian, I love chia seeds in my smoothies--just know that the dosage and absorption is not as powerful as fish oils.

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