Monday, February 4, 2013

How to fight colds and flus

So as we're dealing with the stressors of life, not getting enough sleep, and not getting enough good eats, you know you're at risk of the cold and flu. Easy ways to support a healthy immune system is to integrate the healthy stuff into your cooking or teas. For example, get your garlic in your veggie sautees or even as a pesto. Fresh ginger with lemon and raw honey has helped singers and performers keep their throat in good health. 
However you might be drinking good herbal teas and eating great healthy food, it's just not easy to get enough B-complex vitamins in your body for optimizing your immune system. I like to take a holistic approach -- with my herbal teas and foods in addition to a happy biochemistry of vitamins and minerals. 
Especially for vegans and vegetarians, to get a steady amount of B-complex vitamins every day is not easy. Some people stop by healthy food stores or doctors offices to get a B-12 shot to get an energy boost, but I recommend something that is more sustainable and supported by the body on a daily basis. This Activated B-complex has impressed many people, including athletes improving their speed or focus. Athletes use up a lot of energy and need to replenish their energy. Anyone who is working around sick people will definitely want to tank up on this B-complex which has the whole family of B-vitamins instead of just B-12, and better for long-term optimal health goals.

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