Sunday, March 10, 2013

Can't do dairy?

Some of us can't do dairy (or shouldn't do dairy) and we need to find alternatives. It's possible that you might not be able to digest cow products well, but do ok with goat cheese. Shown here are amazing apples from the Tehachapi mountains of Johna's Orchards with a smidge of lavendar goat cheese, pistachio butter(no dairy at all!), and peach/raspberry goat cheese. The yummy goat cheese comes from Soledad Goats and the pistachio butter comes from Santa Barbara Pistachio Co, where a smidge gives a big wow of flavor.

However, some of us have been stressed by different food allergies (or even extra stressed by the pollen/airborne allergies) that our stomachs need a boost of help. Taking care of your stomach will improve your immune system. This immune booster can come from easy powder-to-liquid digestive enzymes. The best food and supplements can only make an impact for our bodies when it has an effective delivery system and we absorb it in our bodies. When my stomach has already been irritated by fried foods or cow-dairy, it doesn't want any pills and has trouble. The liquid digestive enzymes are the best for quick damage control and bringing my stomach back to happy. Since I'm dairy-sensitive, I keep one of the travel packs with me to put in my water at a restaurant before I do any damage to my stomach--saves me from a lot of stomach grumbles!

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