Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Saving the stomach

While I do my best to eat healthy, it's tough to be super clean with my nutrition and there is always room for improvement. So I have to find a way to save the stomach! A number of my friends and I are not good with digesting dairy or wheat products -- and mostly I stay away from it. It's not that I have Celiac's (read more about that here), but I can see my stomach gets bloated and more easily irritated when I eat the offending lactose or gluten. While I mostly cook at home, when going out to parties and restaurants, there is so much processed foods to watch out for. I don't want to ruin the fun by being too much of a picky eater. So when I go to the restaurants, sometimes there is a fried treat or a something with bread I occasionally splurge on. Even sauces are sometimes thickened with wheat. So the safe thing to do is to prevent the damage by taking these digestive enzymes travel packs with me and drinking it with my water before I eat. Tastes like lemonade and it helps with any processed foods. Yes, you can take digestive enzymes after you ate the offending foods, but let's save the stomach from being irritated by taking the digestive enzymes first! Other people are irritated by fructose which digestive enzymes also help break down. Be forewarned that there are hidden sources of bad fructose like in sauces like ketchup which have high fructose corn syrup we should all stay away from.

Probiotics are helpful to give us the "good bacteria" or what I call "good soldiers" to help boost our immune system. When our GI tract is not healthy, we're more prone to getting sick. Easy things to learn about digestive health is found in this article, and if you want to learn more about IBS, there's more here. You can read more about getting a high quality probiotic here, and if you want to save money on digestive health support, here's a great kit that gives you digestive enzymes, probiotics AND aloe juice!

Helping to save your stomach also means managing your stress and getting enough good sleep. Because we have such stress in our lives with this fast-paced world with phones and computer beeping and chirping and lots of interruptions, it really helps to make a daily practice in finding 20-30 minutes of quiet time to focus on breathing, meditation, or restorative yoga. There are surprises and challenges that are beyond our control and some kind of relaxing meditation practice helps. Even if you already know how to meditate, it helps to get new inspiration from different teachers. I'm on Day 9 with a new course and I have felt a little lighter, more able to handle the stresses that come my way (check out this 21-day meditation challenge through the Deepak Chopra meditation center). I hope these tips help you save your stomach and boost your immune system and mood!

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