Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to get your calcium!

As a foodie, I've got more ideas about food to get my calcium than your average eater might! My commentary to a list of suggestions below is highlight with ***

Leading wellness doctor suggests the following:
1) Calcium-fortified beverages like soymilk and orange juice (20-25%)
***I don't suggest orange juice on its own--please drink in combination with a low-glycemic meal. It's high in sugar and sometimes an irritant for various conditions.
2) Cooked greens like kale, spinach, turnip greens (9-12% of DV)
***Yes! Eat your greens!
3) Canned wild salmon with bones (15% of DV)
***In old Chinese home-cooking, there is bone soup, slow boiled so we get the calcium and nutrients out of the bones. Think about it, cheese and other dairy products didn't exist in Chinese food thousands of years ago.
4) Broccoli eaten raw (2% of DV)
***OK, 2% is really not going to make a dent in your nutrition goals...but a great way to promote broccoli.
5) Tofu (15-20% of DV)
***Now we're getting can make a miso soup and add tofu and lots of veggies, and sesame seeds and seaweed, and suddenly, you've got a nutrient-rich snack or appetizer!

***My foodie suggestions:
ALMONDS: A handful (1/4 c) of raw almonds has Calcium (8% DV) and Iron (6% DV). Also a great I can easily eat 2 handfuls a day, as I leave my bag of almonds next to my computer.
SOY YOGURT with granola--great way to get a creamy filling snack with the good nuts and oats of granola.
I'll come back with more as a do some research on legumes...

Ultimately, you can have the right calcium intake, but you need the co-factors of magnesium and vitamin D to help you absorb the calcium. So please, don't be taking those calcium chocolate chews or anti-acid tablets that don't have the supportive co-factors. Almond milk has vitamin D and riboflavin added...could be a yummy addition to your cereal or "(almond) milk + cookies"!

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