Thursday, December 2, 2010

Farmers Market Deals

Some of you might assume that farmers markets are more expensive than shopping at the grocery store. I say, take a moment to enjoy some fresh air, and try it out! If you want apples, they should be organic (conventional apples have one of the top loads of pesticide -- see my write-up about the "dirty dozen"). And if you look at organic prices at your neighborhood grocery store, and compare it to the Farmer's Market, guess what? There will be some stand that will offer it for $2.00 or less a pound compared to the more expensive and less fresh versions at your grocery store. Here's a link to your local Los Angeles Farmers Markets. Even if you don't buy much, you'll feel healthier having taken the walk at your local market.

Side note: I went all over New York City looking for my organic apples at the Farmers Markets to make my "famous" apple cider, apple, vegetarian stuffing. Californians, you will be proud to know that our farmers markets are bigger than ones elsewhere and it's easier to eat local and organic here!

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