Thursday, September 1, 2011

Swimming is so good for you

Swimming is so good for you because of these benefits:
* Works your entire body - toning all muscles. Athletes like runners really need to cross-train to get core and upper body toned. Try running in water like you're using an elliptical with your arms under the water. You'll see how it's not easy to run in water and your arms will get tired too!
* Gentle on your joints (you only have 1 pair of knees for life and you don't want to join the growing statistic of increasing knee and hip surgeries). If you have joint pains, consider taking this joint support formula to help improve your recovery. Also contact us or your health professional for appropriate therapeutic stretches as necessary.
* Great for cardio because the more muscles you use, the more your heart is challenged to pump the blood around. You don't need to be a good swimmer--you can just do resisted walking or play with the floaters in the shallow end of the pool.
* Water is calming and helps de-stress your mind-body system. de-stressing is very important for healthy weight loss and optimizing your wellness.
* Pregnant women get relief from feeling heavy -- everyone feels lighter thanks to the buoyancy of the water. If you are overweight or feeling weak (recovering from injury or working on post-partum fitness), this allows you to do more exercises and spend more time progressing in your cardio.
* Play with equipment and floating toys -- it varies your workout and when you have more fun, you're likely to do more! If you're not a strong swimmer, a friend might help keep you moving more and it becomes a social occassion -- also good for de-stressing!

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