Friday, September 14, 2012

Know Anyone Ready for a Weight Loss Challenge?

You probably hear people complain about their frustrations with weight loss at work and in your community. Do they want help? If they register to start a weight loss challenge with me by tomorrow Saturday Sept 15th, they can compete for cash prizes! Or, they can simply join the next weight loss group with easy weekly phone coaching calls to keep them on track!

I coach weight loss students with a national program called TLS Weight Loss solution, where everyone loses inches, with a focus on body composition, with better results and more affordable than commercial programs like Jenny Craig. If you know someone who wants help, your help to spread the word is greatly appreciated!! If you know other health professional who want help with their weight loss students, they can tap into this great program and be a TLS coach too!

To me, it's a healthy weight + wellness program that I follow for myself because it covers a lot of nutrition education and helps manage long-term health risks like diabetes, because the focus is low-glycemic impact eating and blood sugar management. It's a total wellness program that covers stress management, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and optimal health.

Can you think of a few people whom I could help with their wellness and weight loss? Please share this post with them and I would be happy to talk with them. They can get started by contacting me for a complementary 20-min intro phone consult: embodyhealth @ gmail.

Please click on the link to my website below to learn more. To get started, a student would register with either the course fee or the deposit so I can order and send the course supplies. Looking forward to seeing more TLS Weight Loss graduates who become health leaders for their families and community!

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