Thursday, September 9, 2010

Want to keep your teeth for a long time?

I remember as a kid, I saw grandpa needing to use his fake teeth and sometimes he just didn't bother and tried to eat with just his gums.

Well, I have a health goal to keep my teeth and gums healthy as long as possible because I love food and can't imagine trying to eat with just my gums. Which means, I ought to floss to keep my teeth healthy but I hate having bleeding gums.

What most regular dentists may be not understand about my unusual case of bleeding gums is that I don't fit the normal profile for unhealthy gums. I have a very healthy exercise and low-glycemic nutrition profile, yet somehow my gums are sensitive and seen as "pre-peridontal disease."

What I learned from a holistic dentist is that some of us need an extra boost (because of genetic predispositions etc) with the help of a supplement like CoQ10. I did some research of my own and ever since I've been taking CoQ10, flossing is not so much of a bloody experience. Plus, this antioxidant is needed to help fight inflammation in all of your body, especially good for your heart health too!

If you need help learning more about your dental health, this holistic dentist has a great website to help you pick the right toothbrush, and he offers wellness seminars in Long Beach, CA.

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