Monday, November 15, 2010

New Spin on Spanish Tortilla

Here's a new spin on a Spanish Tortilla -- otherwise known as a flourless quiche!
Great for breakfast, on-the-go snack, or party hors d'oeuvre.

I brought my healthy vegetarian, low-glycemic creation to a foodie event last night, and one of my friends says "are you sure there's no meat in here?" I say that's a great compliment! It's the heartiness of the sweet potatoes and the muskiness of the wine-soaked mushrooms that made it feel so filling that my foodie friend had to ask that question.

What you need:
8" skillet with 2-3 tall height, and a lid
separate sautee pan for prepping the veggies
30-45 minutes for a dish that can last 8-12 servings

Please note, my recipes are approximate and depend on what I have around the house. To make it easy on yourself, you can substitute herbs based on what you have available or what you like! (Thyme vs rosemary, still very tasty.)

Click here for full recipe.

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