Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being happier, less stress

Stress can be a signal that something is not what you want to do, or that your time schedule is too crunched. However, too many of us have constant high levels of stress, and sometimes we just need to exhale (from that belly breath) and take a different perspective to see, are we making the choices that are right for us?

While everyone needs to manage their stress, people with health conditions and any life stressors (death or illness among family and friends, change of jobs or living situation) are much more at risk of letting stress take over their daily life, and thus put themselves at higher health risks.

Here's a quote from "Daily Om"-- a great resource for inspiration and self-help independent study courses.

"Our life's work is not always what we do to make money, although we often think it should be, and sometimes this way of thinking prevents us from seeing clearly what it is...he way we know our life's work is by how we feel when we are doing it.

When we are doing our life's work, we feel an uncanny sense of ease and alignment...When we are engaged in our life's work, our bodies feel more alive, because our energy is devoted to a cause that, in turn, feeds us. We may be tired after engaging in our life's work, but we are almost never depleted. We feel grounded in the world, knowing that we belong here and have something important to offer."

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