Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Ahead to Better Food and Health

Today, at least in California, we're changing our clocks to spring ahead. This is a great reminder that spring is around the corner and you can take charge of what you eat! Sunday is a great day to head over to your local farmer's market to get produce that is fresher than what you would find at the grocery store. Not only are you getting fresher and more interesting varieties of fruits and veggies, you have a better chance of finding organic non-GMO food that has the biodiversity that Mother Nature intended for a healthier you.

Here's the bottom line: If your food is not labeled "Organic" or "Wild", you can ask questions, but presume that it has probably been processed in ways you don't want for your health. The agricultural industry has been dominated by giants who have made their money on pesticides (Read more from a leading doctor).

While not all farmers market stands are labeled "Organic" (because it costs so much money to get the certification and the smaller farmers don't have it), you can ask if it is "No-Spray." Depending on the market, some stands are simply retailers who pick up their produce and set it up---those are likely to be conventional produce. You can strike up a conversation with people at the stand about where they grow their produce and you'll find out if they are the farmer or they are retailers.

Get your guide to eat more non-GMO produce. Why? Because there have been evidence that animals fed GMO-soy and corn have had health problems, and you don't want those problems happening to you. Get your week's worth of organic non-GMO produce from the farmer's market today and you'll have better health, simply less stress on your gut when there are fewer pesticides in your overall food.

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