Monday, November 17, 2008

How to Eat More Tasty Veggies!

People say they eat healthy, but do you really eat enough healthy foods?
If you enjoy watching the FoodNetwork, you're showing curiosity about food--good news!
But the CDC warns that 90 percent of us do NOT meet the daily recommended fruits and veggies consumption! Most people need to double their veggie consumption. The US and UK governments each have a fruits and veggies public health campaign: "5 a day".

How? Start adding greens supplements and try these quick and easy veggies recipes that I've created for today's busy lifestyle.

Truth is, you're more likely to ACTUALLY eat healthy if you pre-make your food or find ways to make it easily while you're busy doing other things. If you premake your veggies to include extra leftovers, you can pack them for lunch or grab them quickly for a snack. After you've done your grocery shopping, you're excited about your food--cook your veggies while they are fresh OR while you're fresh with energy. I aim for quick veggie recipes that require only 15 minutes (or less) of active time. MMM-mmm tasty!

Here are some ideas for the month of November. Take advantage of the winter roots and squash that the stores are carrying in preparation for the Thanksgiving feasts.


* the oven and timer allows you to cook root veggies and squash without thinking about it, with about 5-10 min of prep time.
* sautee your veggies lightly in these basics: olive or grapeseed oil, salt, pepper, and garlic or shallots and then add some pizazz like wine or other flavors.

1) Carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes (whatever roots you like, whatever you can find)
A friend asked: What do parsnips look like? white carrots!!!
Photo of Parsnips
Aim to buy sweet potatoes and not yams. Cut into similarly sized pieces as carrots so that slices cook evenly. Depending on your sweet potato size, you might need to cut your sweet potatoes in quarters to match the carrots.

a) preheat oven or toaster oven to 425. wash, peel (optional), and slice roots thinly, diagonally.
b) spread parchment paper on a baking pan, spray or brush oil (olive or grapeseed) on parchment paper.
sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic or shallot slices on parchment paper.
c) if you like herb taste and have fresh or dried thyme (optional), add. if you like sweet/spicy, sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg
d) place roots as one layer across parchment paper. drizzle a very thin layer of oil on top. add salt, pepper, garlic to your
preferences. place in oven. set timer to 20 min.
e) at 20 min. timer buzz, take a spatula to flip/toss the roots. return the roots to the oven and heat for another 20 minutes.
don't forget to set the timer again. this time, set it for 15 min=20min, depending if you think your oven is strong.
roast until roots are tender and golden. if you like them extra crispy, leave in the oven longer.
PERKS of roasting veggies: the flavors intensify. you can ignore the cooking and multitask. roots make great leftover. if you're cooking for 2, the toaster oven is quicker to preheat.
VITAMINS: Carrots are known for vitamin A. parsnips are more nutritious and wellrounded than carrots in vitamins and minerals--bonus B3, E and the potassium (helps combat muscle cramps). Sweet potatoes are known for A and C.

More 15 minute recipes to come...
2) Kale with white wine and garlic
3) Pea sprouts with chix or veggie broth and garlic
4) Green beans with black sesame seeds

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