Saturday, August 8, 2009

Get more veggies in your life with turkey meatballs!

If you say yes to any of these busy lifestyle points, you'll love the Turkey+Veggie Meatballs recipe below.
a) I don't eat enough veggies or I don't like many veggies
b) I'm bored of protein bars
c) I'm bored of trail mix or my bag of almonds
d) I want to eat healthier and find more lean protein options
e) I'm too tired to figure out something healthy to eat

You get a lean protein, veggie packed, gluten-free, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory, low glycemic recipe below.
If you have questions what any of these terms mean, please email me!

*****Turkey+Veggie Meatballs*****
Modify the recipe to suit your tastebuds--everything is approximate since I'm an intuitive cook.


Packet of ground turkey (easily found at Trader Joe's (kosher if possible))
1/2 pack of mushrooms (crimini or button) - diced small
2-3 cloves garlic (diced small)
1-2 cup chopped kale leaves only (no stem--small pieces) (or swiss chard, or beet leaves or stems)
1/2 c celery chopped small for extra crunch
Dry spices like thyme, parsley, paprika, spike herbs--whatever you like to put in, fresh herbs if handy
Fresh ground black pepper, be sparing with salt
Cayenne pepper if you like it hot
2-3 tablespoons parmesan cheese (optional for flavor)--this is salty
2-3 tbls corn starch or tapioca starch (holds the meat together with the veggies)
1 uncooked scrambled egg to mix in
1-2 dashes of white wine
1-2 dashes of Dr. Braggs Amino Acids if you have it

Mix in medium/large bowl in order of ingredient list
Shape meatballs btwn 2 tablespoons.
Prepare pan with preheated olive oil or grapeseed oil -- line bottom of pan with a layer
Gently place meatballs in pan (medium-heat)
Turn meatballs for browning
Cover with lid to ensure full cooking for 1 minute-- turn down heat to med low
Should be well-done by 5-7 minutes...test a meatball by cutting in half.

Yield 2-3 panfuls of meatballs.

Cool on counter before storage (preferrably use glassware, not plastic).
Add to a red or brown rice, or whole grain pasta dish. Pack some as a snack on the go.
Portion out into single portion freezer bags, if you know you need to have meatballs handy for busy wknite dinners.

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