Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mindfulness Meditation Hike

A lot of people think hiking needs to be a strenuous all day endeavor. In fact, it might be damaging for your blood sugar and inflammation to go for a long hike without the proper fuel of water and healthy snacks.

Getting out to nature can be easy and you don't have to be in your best shape -- just get to your local park and walk! (and bring your water bottle and a healthy low-glycemic snack like a nutty trail mix)

What we're doing in our mindfulness meditation hike is we combine the best of a few resources: 1) nature's easy forest bathing 2) mindfulness meditation 3) breathing exercises and 4) yoga stretching all while doing a walk that is good for beginners and all levels.

If you want to know more about our hikes and education workshops for heart health (and other wellness topics), please join our meetup group for Heart Health Hiking!

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